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Halloween (October 28, 1958) - Sandy the witch, upset at not being invited to Howdy's Halloween party, turns Howdy and Buffalo Bob into donkeys. "Mambo" (November 16, 1958) - A space man in search of a pet zaps Mambo the dancing elephant to his planet. Buffalo Bob and Howdy come up with a plan to give him something else. "Cy Clone" (August 25, 1959) - Cy Clone, an unscrupulous salesman, talks everyone in Doodyville into buying his feedbags at very high prices. Buffalo Bob, angered at the swindle, attempts to find a way to make Cy buy back the useless articles. "Clarabell Speaks" (September 24, 1960) - The last network show is a special one hour program (in color!) as everyone in Doodyville is packed and ready to leave. Clarabell is telling everyone that he has a secret. That secret is that he can talk! Clarabell says, "Good-bye Kids!"

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ID9667NC Howdy Doody: Clarabell Speaks VHS (4 episodes) $7.99