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Steve Nichols has paid his debt to society after serving a five year stretch in prison. Although he earnestly seeks any sort of honest employment, he finds every door slammed in his face. Just when he is about to go back to a life of crime, he falls in love with Mae, a pretty call-girl. The two marry and make a vow to go straight, no matter how difficult the road ahead. The young couple are elated when a pair of stock brokers take a chance on Steve and hire him full-time. Unfortunately, the crooked brokers are aware of Steve's record and are just looking for a fall-guy to take the rap for their latest swindle. Onslow Stevens, who turns in a fine performance as Steve Nichols, later turned to character roles (House Of Dracula, 1945). Beautiful Lila Lee started out in the silent era apearing in Blood And Sand (1922) with Rudolph Valentino and continued into talkies, including The Unholy Three (1930), Lon Chaney's last film. Director Otto Brower is best known for the singing-cowboy lost kingdom epic, The Phantom Empire (1935), with Gene Autry.

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ALP5765 I Can't Escape DVD (1934/Onslow Stevens) $5.99