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THE THIN MAN - In the classic original THIN MAN (1934), we first meet adorable Nick and Nora Charles and their pet dog-mascot, Asta. Nick (William Powell), a former sleuth, wants to settle down into a quiet lifestyle and manage Nora's (Myrna Loy) various inheritances, but his fun-loving wife would adore for Nick to involve them in the occasional murder mystery. She gets her wish when Nick's former client Wynant (Edward Ellis) goes AWOL shortly before his daughter (Maureen O'Sullivan) is to be married. Special Features: "Thin Man" trailer gallery. AFTER THE THIN MAN - Arriving back at their San Francisco home just in time for New Years Eve, Nick and Nora are immediately plunged into yet another baffling murder mystery, this time concerning Nora's cousin Selma (Elissa Landi), who is discovered holding a gun over the dead body of her philandering husband. Penny Singleton and a young Jimmy Stewart co-star. Special Features: Robert Benchley comedy short "How to Be a Detective", classic cartoon "The Early Bird and the Worm", and the trailer. ANOTHER THIN MAN - When Nick and Nora are invited to the Long Island estate of Colonel MacFay (C. Aubrey Smith), an old business associate of Nora's father, they gather up Asta and little Nicky Jr. for what they assume will be a rather dull weekend of Nick fixing the accounts. But naturally, the Charleses always run into the most intriguing murder mysteries, and the MacFay case turns out to be a real doozy! Special Features: musical short "Love on Tap", classic cartoon "The Bookworm", and the trailer. SHADOW OF THE THIN MAN - A day at the races turns sour even before it begins, when Nick gets a speeding ticket, and arrives at the race-track to find all hell has broken loose with the apparent "murder" of a star jockey who recently threw a race. Later on during a visit to a wrestling match, another dead body emerges. Nick is sure the incidents are linked, but to investigate he'll need the expert assistance of Nora and Asta... Special Features: vintage short "The Tell-Tale Heart", classic cartoon "The Goose Goes South", and the trailer.

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