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The fast talking Senator Beauregard Claghorn, a die-hard Southerner, is forced to sell his land and his beloved mint crop. He foolishly invests in a frozen food truck, not knowing that his overbearing wife Magnolia plans to use the money to aid in her campaign for public office. With hopes of earning the money back, Beauregard accepts a dirty deal from the corrupt political machine. Claghorn joins the Senate race as a third party candidate to keep Magnolia from winning. When the incumbent Senator's campaign manager bullies him, Claghorn decides to try to win the election himself. As his rhetoric begins to gain favor with the people, his opponent's hatchet men are determined to have him removed from the ballot. Beginning in 1945, Kenny Delmar appeared as blustery Senator Beauregard Claghorn on the popular Fred Allen radio program and was the inspiration for Warner Brothers in their creation of blustery cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn.

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ALP4478 It's a Joke Son DVD (1943/Kenny Delmar/Una Merkel) $5.99