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Stricken with amnesia, a desperate American soldier (Richard Arlen) searches for his lost identity after surviving a bloody WWII battle in France. Three fellow soldiers perished during the fierce fighting, and he goes AWOL to visit their homes hoping to find clues to his past. Along the way he falls in love with one soldier's widow, Sally, but marrying her is out of the question until he knows his true identity. By the time he completes his long and lonely journey, he is more confused than when he started. He is about to give up hope when the Army catches up with him and arrests him for desertion. With his past and future both on the line, he battles to reclaim his life. With guy-next-door good looks, Richard Arlen began his career during the silent film era, most notably appearing in the silent action epic, Wings (1927), and working nonstop as an actor until the 1970s. He also served in the Royal Canadian Flying Corps as a pilot during WWI.

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ALP4621 Identity Unknown DVD (1945/Richard Arlen) $5.99