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Super stylish and exciting! Director Jean-Jacques Beineix launched the Cinema Du Look movement with this scult thriller that remains as innovative today as when it premiered in 1981. Jules (FREDERIC ANDREI), a young postal carrier, illegally tapes a concert of a reclusive opera singer (American soprano WILHELMENA WIGGINS FERNANDEZ). Jules' attempts to woo the diva are interrupted when Taiwanese bootleggers come after the recording. His problems become worse when a prostitute slips another tape, one that incriminates a police chief, into his bag. Jules must escape the police chief, the cop's henchmen and the bootleggers to keep both precious tapes safe - and to stay alive. Featuring critically acclaimed cinematography and a celebrated chase through the Paris Metro, DIVA earned Cesar Awards for Best Music, Best Cinematography and Best Directorial Debut. See all Editorial Reviews

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Special Features * Digitally mastered transfer approved by Director Jean-Jacques Beineix * Interview with director Jean-Jacques Beineix * Interview with director of photography Philippe Rousselot * Interview with set designer Hilton McConnico * Additional interviews with cast and crew * Introduction to interviews by Phil Powrie

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