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JEAN HARLOW 7-MOVIE COLLECTION BOMBSHELL Glamour queen Lola (Harlow) is quitting the movie biz – something her manipulative press agent (Lee Tracy) can’t allow! THE GIRL FROM MISSOURI Eadie’s not easy! A plucky bachelorette (Harlow) intends to bag a New York millionaire…without abandoning her virtue. PERSONAL PROPERTY Glittery fun! Debt-ridden socialite Harlow puts on a show of wealth to impress a suitor who’s also making a pretense of fortune. Robert Taylor is the butler who sees through the ruses. RECKLESS Harlow goes dramatic as a Broadway star accused of murder after the death of her high-living, high-society hubby. With William Powell, the last real-life love of Harlow’s short life. RIFFRAFF She works in a cannery. He’s a fisherman. But their playful romance is fated to give way to a tragedy surrounding union activism. She’s Harlow, he’s Spencer Tracy. SARATOGA The flag is up for thoroughbred fun as Harlow is engaged to a millionaire, but drawn to Clark Gable. SUZY A heroine buffeted by fate! Harlow, Cary Grant and Franchot Tone in a World War I triangle of romance and spy intrigue.

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Special features: * Portfolio of seven 5” x 7” MGM studio portraits of Miss Harlow * Trailers for six films, including newly discovered trailers for Bombshell, The Girl From Missouri, and Personal Property * Rare, never before heard Reckless pre-recording sessions including Jean Harlow’s unused vocals captured live on the MGM stage * Lux Radio Theater presentation "Madame Sans-Gene" with Jean Harlow and Robert Taylor (Audio Only) * Two Leo is on the Air radio “air trailers”

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