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Ever heard of a prison break-in? When the goal is Hitler’s secret cache of $6 million in gold and the only man who knows its location is doing life inside the world’s most secure prison, you’ve got to get him Inside Out. Telly Savalas, Robert Culp and 50-year screen veteran James Mason star in this tense, action-packed heist caper. A high-rolling con man, an ex-jewel thief and a former German concentration camp commandant concoct an elaborate scheme to recover a gold shipment hijacked by the S.S. in 1941. It hinges on “removing” a member of the Nazi high command from West Berlin’s fortress-like Siegfried Prison. Then, to jog the inmate’s memory, he’ll be taken to a chilling recreation of German headquarters (complete with a bogus Hitler) in a converted air-raid shelter – across the Iron Curtain.

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WAA80187 Inside Out DVD (1975/Telly Savalas) $21.49