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Salty sailor Mike Malone needs a speedy lift back to San Pedro Navy Base to avoid being AWOL. He meets a young boy and his dog on the road, and deciding that the cuteness factor will increase their chances of getting a ride, the two pose as father and son. The ruse works, and they are picked up by beautiful Stevie Moore, who just happens to be the Admiral's daughter. Mike and Stevie have no idea that the boy is a runaway from the orphange, and that the sailor is now in deep hot water, with both the Navy and the police. Director William Nigh brings Jean Parker and Academy Award winner James Dunn together in this breezy war-time romance. Jean Parker delivers an energetic performance in this humorous tale of a young boy who convinces an unromantic pair to become his loving parents.

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ALP6420 Son of the Navy DVD (1940/Jean Parker) $5.99