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Invasion of the Star Creatures--This slapstick, silly sci-fi feature centers on two bumbling soldiers who get separated from their group and end up encountering terrifying leotard-clad, vegetable-headed space creatures. Curious, the dim-bulbed duo follow the aliens into a cave and find out that they are controlled by beautiful women from outer space who have come to take over Earth. Fortunately, the soldiers discover that what the she-creatures really need is a little good-lovin', and therefore save the day. Invasion of the Bee Girls--The title characters seduce poor Earth-men and kill them, while recruiting busty Earth-women into their ranks. Neat little film pokes gentle fun at the conventions of the cheapo-horror genre without ever stooping to cheap parody.

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MG1006076 Invasion of the Star Creatures/Invasion of the Bee Girls DVD (1962/Bruno VeSota/1973/William Smith) $9.98