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Teen idol turned softcore queen Loretta Lee Lai-chun stars in this gleefully trashy ghost tale cum girls-behind-bars flick. Jane (Lee) is the ghost of an inmate who died while trying to escape. Cursed by a Taoist priest, her spirit remains in prison until her sentence is served and her soul is taken out of the prison by a living human. She befriends Blackie (Joanna Pui-san), a comely lass who is equally as hot to get out. When her escape attempt is foiled by a treacherous fellow inmate named Chesty (Amy Yip Chi-mei), Jane possesses her body and makes her run amok in the jail. With everyone whispering about this penal poltergeist, a trio of Taoist priests are called in to exorcise the place. Unfortunately, the priests are really three randy workmen looking to score with the inmates. Their fake incantations inadvertently raise the spirit of a sociopathic prison guard whose presence threatens one and all.

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TS0685 Jail House Eros VHS (1990/Amy Yip) $19.99