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Roy Scheider returns as Sheriff Martin Brody, whose small resort town of Amity is poised to bounce back from the economic hardship it encountered after becoming widely known as the site of vicious shark attacks. But at the same time that Mayor Vaughn (Murray Hamilton) is welcoming a real estate developer to Amity, two divers disappear and a party of waterskiers is consumed by a shark. The incidents are explained away as accidents, but Brody knows better, tipping his bullets with cyanide and forbidding his sons Mike (Mark Gruner) and Sean (Marc Gilpin) to participate in a teen sailing regatta. Everyone foolishly chalks up Brody's fears to trauma-induced paranoia, and the regatta goes forward, with a hungry great white trailing the youthful contestants and hungrily picking them off one by one.

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Special Features Making Of Keith Gordon Featurette John Williams Featurette The French Joke Deleted Scenes Storyboards Production Photographs 2 Theatrical Trailers Jaws 3 Trailer Jaws, The Revenge Trailer

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MC20928 Jaws 2 Special Edition DVD (1978/ Roy Scheider) $9.99