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This made-for-television adaptation features an ensemble cast as a team of scientists who find themselves trapped below the earth’s surface in a dangerous subterranean world. Geophysicist Chris Turner (Jeffrey Nordling) theorizes that by penetrating the interior wall of an erupting volcano, it is possible to access an unexplored “Inner World.” He assembles a crew to undertake a scientific exploration, and they discover upon entering this world that it is in a constant state of flux; their craft is hurled through an ever-shifting series of tunnels and they are cut off from the surface, only to be besieged by fantastic creatures and startling experiences. Also stars David Dundara, Farrah Forke, Kim Miyori, John Neville (The Adventures of Baron Munchausen), Tim Russ and F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus). Newly remastered.

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CO38769 Journey To the Center of the Earth DVD (1993/Jeffrey Nordling) $19.95