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Invisible Invaders There's not just one man but armies of men on the moon... and they've come to take over the Earth - one corpse at time! Perfecting their bodysnatching skills, invisible moon-men haven taken over our dead! Can a scientist, a sergeant and a sexy gal figure out a way to destroy these invading grave robbers and defeat their transparent plot? Journey to the Seventh Planet In futuristic 2001, the UN has sent a special team of scientists to explore Uranus. And what this interstellar crew discovers is a planet not unlike Earth - complete with a small Danish village filled with voluptuous women! But underneath the utopian veneer is a force so powerful and so heinous that it's using the crew's memories against them so it can take their spaceship back to Earth - and conquer it!

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MG1004483 Journey To The Seventh Planet/Invisible Invaders DVD (1961/1959/John Agar) $9.98