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Just Shoot Me: The Complete Third Season continues the situation comedy's irresistible premise about a politically progressive writer taking an unlikely position as staff journalist at her father's glitzy fashion magazine for women. While Maya (Laura San Giacomo) still attempts to maintain her principles and dignity at an office full of supermodels and shallow designers, life goes on at the vibrant and sexy journal. There are no changes in the cast or among major characters from the previous two seasons of Just Shoot Me, allowing for both continuity and building on existing relationships. Maya's connection to her father, Jack (George Segal), is still rocky as the publisher can't seem to transcend his superficial view of her while fretting that he isn't taken seriously in the business world as an important CEO or among his staff as a regular guy. Maya's relationship with photographer Elliot (Enrico Colantoni) is both sweetening and deepening, though not to the extent that a romantic relationship is in the offing--yet. Nina (Wendie Malick) still confounds as a former fashion icon grappling with middle age, and Dennis Finch (David Spade), Jack's assistant, is still trying to be taken seriously as an adult. Season highlights include the opener, "What the Teddy Bear Saw," in which Dennis' weekend of lust with Jack's babysitter (Ana Gasteyer) turns out to have been caught on a nanny-cam tape. In "Steamed," Maya discovers the extent to which Jack will manipulate her to get his way when he sends her to convince a political reformer, who works above the magazine's offices, to give up space for a supposed daycare center. (In fact, Jack has no intention of opening a day care center.) "Two Girls for Every Boy" is a very funny story in which Dennis goes to great, great lengths to enact a fantasy of watching Maya have sex with a female model, having no idea the two women are putting him on. Dennis similarly develops some steam in "Maya's Nude Photos," in which Maya takes a photography class and is assigned to take a nude self-portrait. The episode is really about her growing trust with Elliot, who initially pans her class instructor but then realizes the assignment is important to her. The season ends on a delightful two-parter, in which Dennis, incredibly, strikes up a romance with a supermodel (Rebecca Romijn) on a relationship rebound, and genuinely comes to care for her.

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