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This film puts into question whether or not a certain town in Romania took part in the Romanian revolution of December 22nd, 1989. A local television show, hosted by Virgil Jderescu (Teodor Corban) is going to celebrate the sixteenth anniversary of that fateful day. On the show will be two guest, each of whom claim to have been there. Tiberiu Manescu (Ion Sapdaru, who appeared in one of Porumboiu's short films, "A Trip to the City" and is also in "The Paper Will Be Blue", also dealing with the Romanian Revolution) is a history teacher, with several debts, and a slight drinking problem. He says he and three other teachers showed up at the town square to protest and rejoice at the decline of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and the end of communism. The other guest, Emanoil Piscoci (Mircea Andreescu), known by everyone for playing Santa Claus, says he didn't show up at the town square until he saw on television there was a revolt. But each man states assuredly there was a revolt in their town. Soon things get a little complicated as viewers call in and start to dispute with the guest. Everyone claims to have been there but no one can agree on a time they were there. At the heart of "12:08 East of Bucharest" is a story about our collective memories and the blurry line between fact and fiction. Did a revolt happen in the town or do the residents just think it did because of the celebrating they saw on tv? Also into question is the idea of what makes a hero? When the host of the show tries to pin down one of the guest on whether he showed up before or after "12:08", the time of the revolution, the guest responds, "one tries to makes what revolution they can."

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