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The Painted Trail (1938, B&W): A bandit gang is terrorizing towns on the Texas-Mexico border, rustling cattle and killing ranchers. U.S. Marshal Tom Gray is called in to restore order and to stop the gang from pulling off a huge livestock theft. By posing as notorious killer Pecos Bill, Tom infiltrates the outlaw operation. His scheme runs without a hitch until the real Pecos Bill shows up, looking to gun down the man who has stolen his identity. Starring Tom Keene, Eleanor Stewart, LeRoy Mason, Walter Long; Directed by Robert F. Hill. The Glory Trail (1936, B&W): After the Civil War ends, Confederate Captain Tom Morgan leads a platoon of war weary soldiers into the Montana frontier in the hopes of starting a new life. They're met with hostility by the Union troops stationed there and from angry Sioux warriors whose lands are being taken by white settlers. Morgan is determined to keep the peace with all parties, but renegade Angus Riley is equally bent on stirring up trouble. To drum up business for his gun-running operation, Riley aims to incite a full-blown Indian war. Blood will spill unless Morgan can stop him. Starring Tom Keene, Joan Barclay, James Bush, E.H. Calvert; Directed by Lynn Shores. Includes BONUS FEATURE, Then Came the Yawn (1934), a rare and riotous parody of motion picture trailers from the archives of Samuel M. Sherman.

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ALP5706 Tom Keene Double Feature DVD: The Painted Trail (1938) / The Glory Trail (1936) $5.99