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Kill Castro (1980, Color): Renegade American intelligence agents target Cuba's brutal dictator, Fidel Castro, for assassination. Tony, a retired military officer, is recruited for the operation by Hud, an embittered veteran of the disastrous 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion. Hud's mission force includes a volatile mix of American mercenaries, anti-Castro Cuban expatriates, and a ruthless crime boss who's using the covert mission as a cover for a $10 million heroin transfer. Tony wants no part of the affair, but the cut-throat conspirators kidnap his girl friend Maria in an effort to force his participation. Knowing the mission is doomed to fail, Tony has no choice but to play along if he wants to see Maria alive again. "Man from U.N.C.L.E." alumnus Robert Vaughn joins Stuart Whitman, Sybil Danning, Woody Strode and an all-star supporting cast in this hard- boiled tale of conspiracy, betrayal and murder in the Caribbean. Starring Stuart Whitman, Robert Vaughn, Sybil Danning, Woody Strode, Albert Salmi, Raymond St. Jacques, Monti Rock III; Directed by Chuck Workman. Murder Once Removed (1971, Color): Doctor Ron Wellesley is having an affair with Lisa, the glamorous wife of Frank Manning, one of his wealthy patients. In an attempt to get the adulterous doctor out of his life for good, Manning threatens to publicize Wellesley's dark past. The philandering physician has left behind a trail of suspicious deaths in his wake, and Manning suspects that he may be next in line to experience Wellesley's special kind of medical treatment. Starring John Forsythe, Barbara Bain, Richard Kiley, Joseph Campanella; Directed by Charles S. Dubin.

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