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Escaped convict Jim Bullard returns to the Arizona ranch stolen from him by Hank Rascob, boss of a trigger-happy gang of thieves and rustlers. Operating from a secret cave hideout, Bullard tracks down and kills the Rascobs one by one, marking each corpse with an Ace of Spades. The outlaws suspect newly appointed deputy sheriff Dave Danford, never imagining that Jim Bullard is their true tormentor. In The Ghost Rider, Rex Lease is joined by a strong supporting cast. Silent-screen star Franklyn Farnum, playing Jim Bullard, makes the most of his last really meaty screen role, and one-time director Lloyd Ingraham imbues old man Rascob with a ruthless savagery seldom achieved (or even attempted) by "B"-Western actors.

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ALP6624 Ghost Rider DVD (1935/Rex Lease) $5.99