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Young art student Virna Nightbourne (Elizabeth Kemp) has the unconscious ability to draw the future victims of a serial murderer, in this standard thriller that also involves Paul "Mac" McCormack (Perry King) a sleazy talk-show host and the local police. McCormack is out to promote number one as best he can, and when he catches on to the notoriety that Virna could lend him if he capitalizes on her psychic powers, he has no problem in exploiting her. At first one of the local cops, a part-time stand-up comedian of dubious talent, is out to help Mack. But Mack's sensationalism turns off the police in the end, though they also have no problem in exploiting Virna's unique visions of the murder victims.

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Special Features Audio Commentary with Director Armand Mastroianni Deleted Scenes Theatrical Trailer Armand Mastroianni Bio

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