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The gritty underbelly of New York's complex, ethnically divided criminal world is exposed in this dark drama from director Abel Ferrara. Christopher Walken stars as Frank White, a drug lord who's just been released from a long stint in prison. Aware that feeding off of society's depravity has made him a wealthy man, Frank has become determined to give something back to the city, and he hatches a scheme to build a multimillion-dollar public hospital in one of Brooklyn's worst ghetto neighborhoods. Needing the assistance of his fellow criminals to pull it off, Frank and his adjutant Jimmy Jump (Laurence Fishburne) encounter a wall of resistance from every faction, including drug-trade partner Lance Wong (Joey Chin) and temperamental cop Dennis Gilley (David Caruso). Frank's do-gooder efforts ultimately result in a Mob war and in a bloody showdown between the city's various ethnic criminal actions. Ferrara followed King of New York with a similarly themed film that many critics considered his masterpiece, Bad Lieutenant (1992).

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Special Features 1080p high definition 16x9 widescreen version 6.1 DTS HD audio 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround EX audio English and Spanish subtitles Audio commentary with director Abel Ferrara Audio commentary with producer Mary Kane, editor Anthony Redman, composer Joe Delia, associate producer Randy Sabusawa "A Short Film About the Long Career of Abel Ferrera" - documentary "The Adeventures of Schoolly D: Snowboarder" - featurette TV spots Schoolly D music video Theatrical trailer

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