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Described as "kinky material trapped in a cage of Victorian propriety" (The New York Times), Psychopathia Sexualis is a dreamlike depiction of turn-of-the-century sexual deviance, from the pages of Richard von Krafft-Ebing's notorious medical text. As he interweaves fables of sexual repression, vampirism, hypnosis, sado-masochism and lesbianism, writer/director Bret Wood (Hell's Highway: The True Story of Highway Safety Films) creates a haunted vision of an era when medical science endeavored to label, cure or eliminate anyone who refused to conform to its idea of sexual "normalcy."

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Special Features 30 minutes of deleted scenes Cast & crew interviews, with behind-the-scenes footage Theatrical trailers Judgement and Rapture, two short films by Bret Wood Historical data on Krafft-Ebing Screenplay excerpts Photo gallery 5.1 Stereo Surround Enhanced for 16x9 TVs

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