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Welcome back to the wild wild Northwest! Kirby Grant (TV 's Sky King) and Chinook the Wonder Dog are back to battle evildoers and protect the innocent across the tundra in this trio of action-packed adventures culled from the hit Monogram series of pictures. Based on the works of James Oliver Curwood, the films detail the arctic circle adventures of the mighty Mountie Cpl. Rod Webb (Grant) and his faithful canine companion, Chinook. Legendary director Oscar "Budd" Boetticher helms the first feature, The Wolf Hunters, which sees Rod and Chinook hot on the trail of a murderous fur thief and uncovering a criminal conspiracy. In the next installment, Snow Dog, it's dog vs. wolf as Chinook (and Rod) battles a murderous white wolf that bears an uncanny resemblance to Chinook himself. Finally, Call of the Klondike sees Mountie and dog searching for missing prospectors and finding secret gold mines, treachery and love.

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WAA451488 Kirby Grant & Chinook Adventure Triple Feature DVD : Volume Two (Wolf Hunters/Snow Dog/Call of the Klondike) $21.99