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In the first of these gory features, THE LAST SLUMBER PARTY, a scalpel wielding wacko invites you to a party where the girls are dying for a good time. Soundtrack features a heavy metal rock soundtrack from Firstryke. RT: 72 min, Color, 1.33:1, 1988 The second feature, TERROR AT TENKILLER, is a new twist on the summer vacation! Leslie and Jana take off for the country and strange things start to happen at their remote cabin. Soon corpses begin turning up near the lake. One by one the locals disappear, but the horror of these murders does not fully dawn on our heroine until she comes across the mutilated body of Jana. RT: 90 min, Color, 1.33:1, 1986

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UE7615 Last Slumber Party/Terror at Tenkiller DVD (1988/Jan Jensen/1986/Stacey Logan) $9.99