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Rock and Roll Ray stars as Dario Dare, sleazy reporter and former wrestling promoter, on the outs with both his girlfriend and his editor Art Cannon (John Regan) at the National Explainer. Given another chance, he's assigned to get the lowdown on miracles performed by Catholic cardinal GianCarlo Ponti (Jim Jorgensen). As Ponti is due to arrive at his next US tour stop in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Dare checks in to a local bed & breakfast. Meanwhile, Vatican secret agent/rock singer Cat Powers (Jessica Michals) delivers mission briefing to fellow agent and Ponti's bodyguard Marion Tango (Renee Werbowski). Scottish innkeeper Angus "Polo" McKrimmon (Chaz Truog) leads Dare to a spot where sword-wielding demons manifest. Subsequently, the demons manage to capture our heroes and take them to the 23rd level of Hell.

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