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Howling Trilogy - The Marsupials III, The Rebirth V, The Freaks VI - the fear is breeding fast on Blu-ray! The Marsupials - A strange race of human-like marsupials that have appeared suddenly in Australia are being studied by a sociologist played by Barry Otto who soon falls in love with Jerboa, a beautiful redhead (Imogen Annesley). The aptly named Jerboa has a secret; a cute, curious little pouch that following a night of passion gains the tiniest of new inhabitants. Is this a dangerous combination? While both ominously spooky and outrageously campy, it is sure to entertain! The Rebirth - When a group of strangers converge on an ominous Romanian castle, they begin to suspect one of them may be an ancestor to a legendary werewolf bloodline. As the evening progresses and bodies start turning up, their suspicions may be true! The Freaks - When a drifter named Ian comes to the rural town of Canton Bluff, he finds work fixing up the local church. But when the owner of a traveling carnival finds out Ian's terrible secret, he blackmails him into becoming part of his sideshow...but it turns out the carnival owner may have a secret of his own!

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