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There are 2 features and 2 short films and all 4 feature Renoir's then wife Catherine Hessling. WHIRLPOOL OF FATE, from 1925, is his first film and tells the story of an orphaned girl, abused by her uncle, who tries to make a life for herself on her own. The second is a lavish adaptation of Emile Zola's NANA made the following year. The 2 short films are quite fanciful offerings with one of them never intended for distribution. There's an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL from 1928 but the surrealistic 1927 opus CHARLESTON PARADE which was made as a lark with leftover shooting days from NANA defies description. It wasn't shown until the 1960s. NANA has been beautifully restored with color tints added. WHIRLPOOL OF FATE comes from a 16mm print and is in OK condition but it's great to have this little gem. CHARLESTON PARADE and LITTLE MATCH GIRL are in rougher shape but are quite watchable. That's remarkable for CHARLESTON PARADE which Renoir never intended to distribute. The title refers to the dance (Josephine Baker was then the talk of the town) but Hessling's "costume" or lack of it along with her uninhibited dancing (an obvious nod to Baker), must be seen to be believed.

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LGE21100 Jean Renoir 3-Disc Collector's Edition DVD (Whirlpool of Fate / Nana / Charleston Parade / La Marseillaise / The Doctor's Horrible Experiment / The Elusive Corporal) $24.98