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Archeologist Larry Mason's African expedition is derailed when an American singer, Nona Brooks, bursts into his campsite seeking help. On the run from Nazi agents, Nona leads them deeper into the jungle in her attempts to outrun the spies. While hiding out in a ghastly cave decorated with human skulls, Mason and his assistant, Jeff Jones (Mantan Moreland) come face to face with a savage gorilla determined to add their bones to his collection! After escaping the bloodthirtsy ape, the explorers are surrounded by an army of savage tribesmen who capture them and prepare to sacrifice Nona. Jeff charms and jokes his way free and risks everything in a final attempt to spring his friends and thwart their enemies. Law of the Jungle reunites much of the cast of cult favorite King of the Zombies, including director Jean Yarbrough, producer Lindsley Parsons and star Mantan Moreland. Moreland's classic performance is supported by Lawrence Criner's table-turning depiction of the Oxford-educated Chief Mojobo.

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ALP4276 Law of the Jungle DVD (1942/Mantan Moreland) $5.99