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Return to the violent years of the Prohibition Era in these true stories of New York's notorious gangland bootleggers, bookmakers, thugs and killers - straight from the man who arrested them all. Based on the memoirs of Detective Barney Ruditsky, commanding officer of the city's famed Gangster Squad, "The Lawless Years" focuses on organized crime and high-profile gangsters, as did "The Untouchables," which debuted the very same year. Nick Joseph: Cops go after Nick Joseph, a former small timer who's been making his mark as a contract killer for the mob. Max Gorman: When bootlegger Max Gorman takes out a loan from underworld financier "AJ," his treacherous new "business partner" plots to take over the profitable enterprise. Big Greeny: The infamous Louis "Lepke" Buchalter decides to hand down the ultimate punishment to one of his hitmen who botches an assignment. Dutch Schultz: Over the objections of the syndicate, Dutch Schultz plans to have Federal Attorney Thomas Dewey, a highly visible anti-mob crusader, snuffed out.

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ALP5400 Lawless Years Volume 1 DVD (1958/Vic Morrow) $5.99