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This Japanese-American co-production is set sometime in the near future. The United Nations Space Bureau sends its star vessels to the treacherous terrain of Venus. The traveller's initial encounters with the Venusians do not bode well for a lasting peace. However, when another planet invades the 2nd rock from the sun, Earthlings and Venusians band together to ward off their common foe.

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* Original Japanese Language * Optional English Subtitles * Original English dub * Original Mono Soundtrack and newly created 5.1 remix * Completely restored and Remastered viedo * 19 x 9 Anamorphic Widescreen * Original 2.35:1 aspect ratio * Theatrical trailers * Photo gallery of rare B/W stills * Interview with special effects director nakano Teruyoshi * Detailed booklet containing the history of film, poster art, and vehicle diagrams

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DM700006 War In Space DVD (1977/Jun Fukuda) $24.98 $21.99