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Season 3 picks up six months after the conclusion of Season 2. Thom seeks a mysterious ring that will protect him from supernatural influences; especially the overpowering influence of Damien. Thom's quest has far-reaching, unanticipated reprecussions. Thom's ex-ex-boyfriend Ritchie (Bobby Quinn Rice) brings Damien's rival Colin (Dylan Vox) back from the dead. Colin immediately establishes a new base of operations. But Colin is the least of Damien's troubles. Damien must suffer the wrath of the vengeful Frau Von Hess (Sybil Danning). There is also Athen (Steven Hirschi), a male Gorgon who, with one look, turns his victims into stone statues. Adult film legend Ron Jeremy even makes a brief appearance in episode nine. Sheriff Trout (Colton Ford), who inexplicably has regained his sight after being blinded in Season 2, has the only storyline that doesn't make any sense. Season 3 stays fairly, but firmly, focused on the complicated relationship between Thom and Damien. Moretti and Stickles have fantastic chemistry together as their characters struggle to discover if romance and true love between a sexy mortal man and an equally sexy vampire is possible.

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