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For some men the Civil War never ended. Graff (Mickey Rourke) is one of these men. With his gang of former Confederate soldiers, he roams the country robbing Yankee banks. Graff is a tough and demanding leader whose renegade band follows him without quesiton until one bank robbery turns into a bloody massacre. When graff threatens to put down one of his soldiers injured in the shoot-out, Eustis (Dermot Mulroney), his right-hand man, recognizes Graff for the ruthless, bloodthirsty killer he is - a man who must be stopped at any cost. His first mistake is to shoot Graff face to face. His second is not to try to bury him. As Eustis leads the gang towards the Mexican border, they soon realize that not only is Graff still alive, but he's hunting then down, cold-bloddedly, mercilessly, one by one. eustis is up against the man who taught him everything he nows - a man who's hungry for death, thirsty for revenge. The question is how to beat such a man. the answer lies behind a cocked pistol.

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HBO90970 Last Outlaw DVD (1993/Mickey Rourke) $9.97