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At the height of World War II, Kwan Mei, a beautiful Chinese aristocrat, is forced to work in the rice paddies as a slave. She and the rest of her village are subject to the brutal whims of their Japanese captors, whose sadism is matched only by their greed. When the Japanese general is bewitched by Kwan Mei's beauty, she sees her chance for vengeance. Endangering her life and inviting the mistrust of her comrades, Kwan Mei becomes the general's lover in hopes of gathering information that will help the struggle against their masters. On the eve of a massive Japanese invasion, Kwan Mei risks everything on a bloody insurrection that will protect her country from the invading horde. In what may have been his most well-timed and well-crafted movie, William Nigh told the story of America's Chinese allies with sympathy and respect. With a cast assembled from PRC regulars like Anna May Wong (Bombs Over Burma), character actors like Harold Huber (from the Charlie Chan series) to bona fide stars like Mae Clarke (Frankenstein, Public Enemy), the characters were given a depth and dignity rarely matched in the poverty row era.

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