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"LIGHTS OUT" (1949-1952): "Lights Out" was an early television series based on eerie dramatizations of the radio broadcasts of the 1930s. The broadcasts made writer and director Arch Oboler a household name synonymous with the macabre. It was brought to network television between 1949 and 1952. A precursor to shows like "The Twilight Zone," "Night Gallery" and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," "Lights Out" is a chilling remnant of old-fashioned ghost story-telling. The Passage Beyond: Rodd & Milly Turner and their houseguest return from a party to their creepy gothic home... a house haunted by the ghost of family ancestor Lady Ann. The Man With The Watch: A series of unexplained disappearances perplex Mike Wilson, a police detective under fierce pressure to solve the mystery. "THE VEIL" (1958): These tales of the macabre, hosted by Boris Karloff, were featured in the ill-fated TV series, "The Veil" (1958). Jack the Ripper: Walter must come to terms with his clairvoyance to stop London's most feared killer, Jack the Ripper. The Return of Madame Vernoy: Young Santha would be pleased to marry her suitor, Rama, except that she is still married - to her husband from a previous life. "WITCHCRAFT" (1961): Little is know about this early supernatural thriller. Based on true stories by William B. Seabrook and hosted by Franchot Tone, the show never made it past the pilot episode. Skillfully written and produced, "Witchcraft" was as underappreciated as it was ahead of its time. The Doll in Brambles: Witches and hexes are laughable to most - except Louis, who is kept from marrying young Marie after a curse is placed on him by the dreaded witch, Madame Tirelou.

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