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John Tobin (John Wayne) hits the trail after Pandro Zanti (Earl Dwire), a half-white, half-Apache Indian outlaw posing as a Mexican, who is wanted for $5,000--dead or alive--for cattle rustling and murder. John rescues Ruby (Sheila Terry, Wayne’s co-star in Haunted Gold and ‘Neath Arizona Skies) and her grizzled grandfather, a prospector named Dusty (George "Gabby" Hayes), from the bogus bandito. But when Sheriff Luke Williams (Jack Rockwell) handcuffs him for a crime he didn’t commit, accusing John of being in cahoots with Zanti, the Duke must clear his name by bringing the gang to justice. Written and directed by Robert N. Bradbury (Riders of Destiny, The Star Packer), this action-packed Western features Buffalo Bill, Jr., famed stuntman Yakima Canutt, and a heap of hard-riding heroics. A PAUL MALVERN Production Directed by R.N. BRADBURY Story and Screenplay by R.N. BRADBURY Photography by ARCHIE STOUT Art Director E.R. HICKSON Recorded by RALPH SHUGART Edited by CHARLES R. HUNT Cast JOHN WAYNE SHEILA TERRY * JACK ROCKWELL * GEORGE "GABBY" HAYES BUFFALO BILL, Jr. * YAKIMA CANUTT * BUD WOOD * EARL DWIRE Approximately 51 minutes Black and WhiteRIDERS OF DESTINY See the Duke as a Singing Cowboy In the first of his Lone Star Westerns, ACADEMY AWARD® winner John Wayne (The Shootist) stars as "Singin’ Sandy" Saunders, who rides to the rescue of the beleaguered ranchers in the little town of Starbuck. Using his control of the local water rights, James Kincaid (Forrest Taylor) is trying to force the ranchers, including Charlie "Dad" Denton (George "Gabby" Hayes), to sell off their land for a measly dollar an acre. But Kincaid and his owlhoots haven’t reckoned with the warbling wrangler, in reality an undercover Secret Service agent who woos Denton’s daughter, Fay (Cecilia Parker), and saves the day in an explosive climax. This 1933 film from writer-director Robert N. Bradbury (The Man from Utah, The Trail Beyond) features another famous sidekick, Al "Fuzzy" St. John, as Bert, with legendary stuntman Yakima Canutt as a bad guy.

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