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A mother seeking vengeance against the person who murdered her daughter is drawn into a deadly trap set by a self-righteous madman in this shocking horror thriller featuring necro-sexuals, baby killers, anarchists, white slave traders, pedophiles, neo-Nazis, and a whole host of ravenous, flesh-eating beasts. Ana Romero wants justice. A video of her daughter's death has just surfaced on the internet, and now Ana's only lead is an underground website called the "Gorehouse." Posing as an online trader of illegal videos, Ana sets out on a mission of justice. Descending ever deeper into a dark world of degradation and pain, the grieving mother is summoned to an abandoned factory in order to witness a "Bloodletting," an event in which an innocent person is tortured and murdered for the entertainment of discerning viewers. Once inside, Ana and a group of online deviants quickly realize that they've fallen into a trap. They've just stepped into one man's personal version of Hell, a place where the guilty go to suffer for their sins by doing battle with a bloodthirsty mutant who knows no mercy. Perhaps if Ana can survive this gruesome ordeal, she can finally track down her daughter's killer and experience the sweet release of bloody revenge.

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Special Features Deleted scenes Killing cockmaster (segment) Shot in the head (segment) Behind the scenes of "The Death Factory Bloodletting" (segment) Photo gallery Audio commentary with Sean Tretta, Dustin Lowry, and Noah Todd

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