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Where myth and history meet, where good vanquishes evil, the heart of a lion beats in the body of a child. Eric Stoltz and Gabriel Byrne star in this epic adventure set in the time of the Crusades. En route to join Richard the Lionhearted’s forces bound for the Holy Land, young knight Robert Serra (Stoltz) discovers his destiny elsewhere: as champion of the children of the Crusades – the hungry, tattered, orphaned and forgotten little ones victimzed by the war. And as foe of the Black Prince (Byrne), a ruthless warlord who wants to sell the children into slavery. Graced by the craft of two Academy Award? winners*, director Franklin J. Schaffner and composer Jerry Goldsmith, Lionheart fills its screen with grand vistas and sword-clanging clashes, yet also finds time for boisterous bursts of humor and lyrical romance. Take the journey.

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