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Agnes (Greta Scacchi)is a wealthy Englishwoman in the late 1800's who owns an estate in a small Irish village. She enjoys scandalizing the locals as a divorced woman who smokes, drinks, and rides horses astride on her vast property. When she sees James (Daniel Craig) at a local country fair she becomes immediately fascinated by the wild, blue-eyed Irishman. James is younger than her, and beneath her social status...entirely inappropriate. But this is a woman who thrives on being seen as scandalous, so she enters into an affair with James with relish & delight. He's a wild man, as well as a bit of a con artist, and the fact that they both seem to delight in taunting "proper" society pleases her that much more. But as time passes his wild behavior becomes more & more erratic, and downright scary. He's unstable but she realizes it too late, after he's insinuated himself deeply into her isolated life.

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