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The discovery of a rare urn sparks a dangerous expedition in search of a lost civilization. The priceless relic was found on an uncharted island by sailor Dick Nelson, who later pawned it, unaware of its value. Professors Sneed and Harris hire Nelson as a guide to lead them to the site of the discovery. The voyage sails into trouble when the crew mutinies. During the ensuing melee, a fire breaks out. Shipwrecked on the very island they were sailing for, the survivors soon find themselves in a deadly race to find the ancient treasure. The Live Wire is both the title of the film and an apt description of acrobat turned actor, Richard Talmadge. After beginning his career as a stunt double for Douglas Fairbanks in 1922's Robin Hood, Talmadge tumbled his way through dozens of fast-moving films in the twenties, thirties and forties.

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ALP5180 Live Wire DVD (1935/Richard Talmadge) $5.99