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Boy meets girl, boy falls in love. Girl loses dog, boy finds dog, decides to be a hero. But wait--the girl has an oily Euro ex-boyfriend, and the dog swallows the boy's best friend's wedding ring and can't be returned to the girl until the ring is, uh, found. Fans of There's Something About Mary should like this light-as-a-feather comedy, since it heists plot devices directly from that film. Think about it: there's two guys competing for the same girl, a scruffy-but-lovable terrier, and even a clutch of oversexed old ladies. David Spade, Saturday Night Live alum, is marginally less grating and more likable in this slight romantic comedy. Unfortunately this film is also littered with some pretty bad gags (beware of Spade's lengthy Neil Diamond impersonation), poo-poo jokes, and a character who's a direct stand-in for the late Chris Farley. Sophie Marceau, gorgeous as she is, apparently speaks her lines in phonetic English for all the feeling she puts into them. Still, this is suitable for stashing your brain under the couch for an evening.

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