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The destiny of a lovely and talented young woman named Sunya Ashling is at stake in this engrossing and heartfelt romantic melodrama. Sunya is offered two seemingly wonderful opportunities. First, she can move to Paris to study voice and eventually become an opera star under the sponsorship of an impresario named Paolo De Salvo. Second, she can marry her beloved, an engineer named Paul Judson who wants her to join him in South America where he will manage a branch of his company. Just as the future seems rosy for Sunya, her father tells her that he is in desperate financial straits and asks her to marry an older man named Goring in order to re-stock the Ashling family coffers. That night, a yogi with fiery eyes comes to the Ashling home. The exotic stranger reveals a crystal ball to Sunya and gives her the chance to see her future with both De Salvo and Goring. The story is filled with surprises, and Gloria Swanson gives a captivating performance as a woman in search of her fate. In addition, there is an exciting introductory sequence set in ancient Egypt. Recommended. Silent film with synchronized music score. 78 minutes.

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CCV4026 Love Of Sunya VHS (1927/Gloria Swanson) $19.95