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This 2nd in the Series is nearly non-stop action as Ogami Itto, the former Shogun Executioner, is beset by enemies from every side. Pushing his young son along in a very tricky baby cart he is busy dispatching attackers from the onset to the closing titles. First up are the Akashi Yagyu Clanswomen who introduce themselves to us by dismembering an opponent bit-by-bit from nose to ankles as they fight him. But even these talented female Ninjas are no match for Ogami, he of the Suiouryu Horse-Slaying Technique of sword fighting, although they make a hell of an effort attacking him with hats, knives, and even a gigantic sort of radish! After dispatching all but the head Clanswoman, Sayaka, he must deal with the male Kokuguwa ninjas and there is much more bloody mayhem.

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