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The 25 episodes of Season 3 truly run the gamut from heart-pounding action to emotionally well-acted drama. In one episode, Mannix returns home to try to mend fences with his father and gets a lot more than he bargained for. In another Mannix suffers psychosomatic blindness, but still battles to trap a killer. Mr. Connors and Ms. Fisher are featured, and their scenes underscoring their characters' bond are genuinely unforgettable and not to be missed. Ward Wood returns as Lt. Art Malcolm. A few guest stars include Vera Miles, Marion Ross, Lee Meriwether, and Mike Farrell. Season 3 episodes are: Eagles Sometimes Can't Fly; Color Her Missing; Return to Summer Grove; The Playground; A Question of Midnight; A Penny for the Peep-Show; A Sleep in the Deep; Memory: Zero; The Nowhere Victim; The Sound of Darkness; Who Killed Me?; Missing: Sun and Sky; Tooth of the Serpent; Medal for a Hero; Walk With a Dead Man; A Chance at the Roses; Blind Mirror; Harlequin's Gold; Who is Sylvia?; Only One Death to a Customer; Fly, Little One; The Search for Darrell Andrews; Murder Revisited; War of Nerves; and Once Upon a Saturday.

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