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*** Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair: Rosie needs money to go to college. Ma Kettle decides to enter her jam at the fair to win money to send her but Birdie Hicks is determined to win the prize. *** Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation - Ma and Pa go to Paris with the Parkers. Of course, Pa gets involved with international spies. Side Two: **** Ma and Pa Kettle at Home: Son Elwin applies for a scholarship at the agricultural college. But the college wants to see the farm that he described in his application. So the clan work together to do up the farm. Unfortunately, a rainstorm comes through and ruins most of the face lift. ***** Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki: Cousin Rodney calls for help from his big business tycoon cousin Pa Kettle. So Ma, Pa and Rosie set off for Hawaii. While there Pa meets the Hawaiian equivalents of the Kettles. Actually they make the Kettles look like amateurs! This is the best travel Kettle film.

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MC24228 Ma & Pa Kettle DVD Volume 2 (Ma & Pa At the Fair, Ma & Pa On Vacation, Ma & Pa At Home, Ma and Pa At Waikiki/Marjorie Main) $19.98