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Terrorized by a series of robberies and murders, gold prospectors are being forced out of their claims. The legendary, ruthless bandit Joaquin Murrieta is blamed for the heinous acts. Unable to capture him, the miners persuade "Lone Rider" Tom Cameron and his partner, Fuzzy, to bring the desperado to justice. The pair go undercover to learn the true identity of the bandit, but someone is determined to keep that information secret. The Lone Rider and Fuzzy are close to capturing their prey, but chaos erupts when the townsfolk grow restless to hang the man they suspect is responsible for the killings. With a firestorm of vengeance about to explode, the Lone Rider must uncover the true source of the violence and corruption. Prolific low-budget "auteur" Sam Newfield directed seventeen Lone Rider films for PRC, including Ghost Mine, Rider of the Plains, and Lone Rider in Frontier Fury.

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ALP4876 Lone Rider: Lone Rider And The Bandit DVD (1942/George Houston) $5.99