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Sea Hunt (1958): In this episode, "Mark of the Octopus," from the popular scuba-diving show's first season, Mike Nelson is asked by the Coast Guard to investigate the mysterious death of a marine geologist. Starring Lloyd Bridges. Beach Patrol (1959): A beautiful nightclub singer is suspected of murder when a mobster is killed on her fishing boat. Joanna Barnes guest stars in this rare unsold pilot. Starring Alex Nichol, Russ Conway. Alarm (1954): A serial arsonist is setting deadly fires around the city. Investigators methodically eliminate the obvious suspects, leading to a very unlikely candidate. Byron Foulger guest stars. Starring Richard Arlen. Front Page Detective (1951): Newspaper columnist David Chase is harassed by underworld figures who are seeking a little black book he supposedly possesses. Joe Besser guest stars. Starring Edmund Lowe. Assignment: Mexico (1956):An international travel agent based in Mexico City goes undercover to help authorities stop a mob boss from murdering his wife. Starring Peggie Castle.

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ALP5832 Lost TV Shows of the 50s DVD (Sea Hunt / Beach Patrol / Alarm / Front Page Detective / Assignment Mexico) $5.99