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Based on a fairy tale by Charles Perrault (of Cinderella fame), the bizarre story concerns the king (Jean Marais) of a strange, enchanted land. Catherine Deneuve plays the dual role of the king's wife and daughter. When the wife dies, she makes the king promise that he'll never marry anyone less beautiful than she; thus, he is compelled to wed his own daughter! The fairy godmother (Delphine Seyrig) tries to save the girl from this incestuous fate by telling her to make impossible demands for her wedding gifts. One such demand is for the skin of a magic donkey which deposits valuable jewels in its compost heaps.

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Special Features * Original French theatrical trailer * Interview with Mag Bodard * The illustrated Peau D'Âne * Peau D'Âne and the Thinkers * Photo montage by Claire Bretecher * Peau D'Âne and the Children * Excerpt from Agnès Varda's The World of Jacques Demy * 5.1 surround sound * Widescreen, enhanced for 16:9 * Language: French * Subtitles: English & Spanish

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