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Rainbow Riders (1934, B&W): Beautiful young Jerry Hickson converts her scenic Bar X ranch into a restful sanitarium. She soon finds her lucrative new business targeted by night riders whose frequent raids are scaring off the patients. Her ranch foreman enlists the aid of his old pal, Bud Regan, who impersonates a notorious bandit in a risky attempt to infiltrate the marauders and halt their nefarious scheme. The sixth of eight "Bud 'n' Ben" featurettes produced by William Steiner for release by Astor Pictures during the 1933-34 season, Rainbow Riders blends comedy with traditional Western action to good effect. Jack Perrin elicits chuckles with his aping of a none-too-bright, candy-munching desperado, and sparkles in his scenes with feisty female rancher Virginia Brown Faire. Starring Jack Perrin, Ben Corbett, Virginia Brown Faire, Ethan Laidlaw; Directed by Bennett Cohen. In the Tennessee Hills (1915, B&W, Silent): Starring Enid Markey; Directed by James Vincent. Sheriff of Stone Gulch (1913, B&W, Silent): Starring Ruth Roland; Directed by Marshall Neilan.

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