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MI-5 Volume Seven stays true to form as the award-winningintelligence drama returns for more highly topical stories with new castmember Richard Armitage (Robin Hood, North and South)! The BAFTA- undercover operations and double-agents, this time with an added dangerÖ a deepening schism with Russia raising new Cold War tensions. Newly free after eight years in a Russian prison, Lucas North (Richard Armitage) is welcomed back by MI-5 supremo and old friend Harry Pearce, who was instrumental in finally securing his release. Lucas is keen to get back to work straight away and, with Section Dís current priority operation having a strong Russian connection, he could well prove invaluable. But, after eight years with only a high ranking Russian spymaster for company, can Lucasís loyalty really be taken for granted?

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Special Features: Audio Commentary BEHIND THE SCENES Featurette

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