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A ruthless gang of bandits is terrorizing Texas border towns. Tough-as-nails cowpoke Tom Sterling is deputized and is sent out after the outlaws. He manages to infilitrate the Duke Lawson outfit which is responsible fo stage hold-ups, rustling, and murder. But when Tom's cover is blown, he must first find a way to save his own life, before any of the desperados can be brought to justice. Tom Keene made a career out of playing self-assured cowboys who relied more on their clever wits and cunning than on their fists and firearms. His handsome smile and rugged physique garnered him legions of loyal fans. One performance nuance noted: each time he fires a lethal shot that kills a bad man, he beams a broad grin as if to congratulate himself on his marksmanship.

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ALP6437 Lone Star Law Men DVD (1941/Tom Keene) $5.99